Types of Magic

In the world of Hidden Legacy, magic is passed through the bloodline, from parents to child.  Usually a person will have one dominant type of magic and while there is a way to improve and strengthen your magic talent through practice and use of arcane circles, you can’t learn a different type of magic.  If you were born with the ability to shoot lightning from your fingertips, you can’t learn to command water, no matter how much you try.  Below is the list of some magic talents.



Elemental magic users command forces of nature.  Some can bend water to their will, some are able to cause mold soil, and other can conjure fire or create an electric current.  Elemental mages can cause a great deal of damage.  Most work in manufacturing.  The greatest elemental Houses tend to run industrial and construction corporations.  

Pyrokinesis – mastery over fire.

Aquakinesis – mastery over water.

Geokinesis – mastery over earth.

Aerokinesis – mastery over air.

Fulgurkinesis – mastery over lightning.





Magic of the mind would be best described as magic of the will.  This category includes a slew of powers that rely on the will of the user.  The mental talents are many and varied, from telekinesis, which can be used to a devastating effect, to harmonizing, which enables the mage to make beautiful flower arrangements.

Telekinesis – ability to move objects with your mind.

Projection – ability to transmit images and feelings to the minds of other.

Therionology – ability to command animals. Practitioners are usually known as animal mages. Rare.

Harmonizing – ability to arrange one’s environment to invoke a specific feeling or mood.

Elenchus – ability to distinguish lie from truth, also known as truthseeking.  Extremely rare.




The word “arcane” means known or understood by very few.  True to definition, the arcane branch of magic talents is poorly understood even by those who are born with these magic powers. Power of arcane magic users comes from reaching into arcane realm, a place  of magic outside of our typical reality.  Their talents are frequently disturbing.

Enerkinesis – mastery over magic energy.

Summoning – ability to cause manifestation of creatures.

Animating – ability to impart life to inanimate objects.

Binding – ability to fuse or bind something found in the arcane realm to human host with purpose of giving the host new magic powers.