Letter To The Readers

I feel like we’ve been building toward this idea for a really long time.

It began years ago with a short story called Of Swine and Roses.  It’s a story of girl from a world where magic is a normal, every-day thing and her disastrous date.  There was something oddly compelling about the worldbuilding we did for that short.  Magic exists in the world, magic is hereditary, and family business often revolves around the family magic.  Imagine that you a pyrokinetic, a fire mage who can create heat and flame out of nothing.  Let’s say you become a glass maker.  You’re able to precisely apply just enough of the right kind of heat to create beautiful glass pieces.  Your children are pyrokinetics too.  Perhaps they follow in your footsteps or perhaps they choose to go into metallurgy or enlist in military forces and become a combat operative.

It’s such a simple idea but it allows for so much flexibility and conflict.  It lends itself to a vibrant, fresh world.

We left the story alone and moved on to other ideas.  Then came the world of Kinsmen, two science fiction stories that combined romance and enhanced human beings.  They lived on a different planet and their families ran it, the way mafia families had once ran New York.

Now we finally come to BURN FOR ME.  It grew out of those previous stories and we can’t wait to share it with you.  It’s a story of a woman who exists in a world very much like our own, except this world revolves around Houses, magic dynasties.  They own corporations, they dominate politics, and they feud to each other.  It’s a story of over the top adventure, flashy magic, and unlikely romance between Nevada Baylor, who knows when people lie to her and Mad Rogan, the billionaire-mage who wields almost god-like power.

It’s funny and and romantic and it was so much fun to write.  We’re thrilled to work with Avon on it and we hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

Reader Interactions


    • I KNOW! I can’t find comment box so I’m replying to yours, lol, I SO SINCERELY hope there is MORE to this series! There is so much more I want to see and know about this incredible group of characters!!

      • I love everything these guys write. I get mad when they pause writing one series because I want to see what happens next…then I get hooked on whatever new idea they come up with and I’m distressed when they switch back to the first series I wanted them to continue!


  1. I GET TO LEAVE THE FIRST COMMENT!!! On a shiny new blog by my favorite authors!!! D My day is now complete! ) Can’t wait for the book, I know it’ll be awesome! )

  2. Woo Hoo! These are some of my favorite of your short stories. I’ve read them repeatedly. Loved Silent Blade and Silver Shark and longed to read more of these worlds. I’m all in.

  3. Thanks for the back story. It is interesting to see the genesis of an idea and the eventual execution. I am ordering the book today.

  4. I truly enjoy all of the stories I have read and love when they cross. I am curious, however, does Silent Blade figure in this world? Magic houses, alliances,….I always wondered what happened next.



  5. Just had a little look around the Burn for me site and you know what, it’s bloomin’ brilliant! The world building is impeccable and fascinating, this has an epic feel to it already. Congrats Ilona, you’ve done it again, can’t wait to read this.

  6. I can’t wait for the realese day! I only read few excerpts posted by you here and there and I really hope that this serie will also evolve above the 3 contracted books… 🙂

  7. I’m so excited to read this book, I read the short story just last year and it left me wanting to know more of this world. You guys are just incredible writers, thank you.

  8. I came across a coupon for Samhain but instead of taking the savings and running, I looked for more books to buy. One of those free books was Silent Blade – Kinsmen #1. I just read it last night.. and re-read it. And then re-read the ending this morning. And now have tracked down and purchased the 2nd Kinsmen book which I’ll be reading it tomorrow (or maybe I’ll just look at the first chapter tonight, yeah, I’ll stop before 1am).
    Needless to say, your new book is on my “buy when it comes out list”.

  9. I purchased “Burn for me” when it hit the shelves. I’m in the middle of the book and having a hard time remembering to go to bed at night or go back to work after eating lunch. I can’t wait to finish and I’m dreading it at the same time because I’ll have to wait till next year for another one.

  10. I absolutely love reading all of your books. I’m a huge fan. I can’t wait for the next book of the hidden legacy series to come out. Thank you for writing all of these amazing books.

  11. As expected, I couldn’t put the book down and finished it one sitting. Please, please, please tell me that you’re under contract for more?

    • Just finished Burn for me and now looking out for the next book I can’t wait to see how Mad Rogan and Nevada proceed with their relationship.It is a tease to read the excerpt of the next story knowing it’s going to be a while before I can read the book.

  12. Just downloaded Burn for Me last nite and finished it this am. Absolutely wonderful. Really happy with the start of a new series with new heroes. Just one thing, please, please, please – write faster.

  13. Hi.
    When do you plan to publish next book in this series?
    The first book was AWESOME and I am dying to read the next one. 🙂
    Awesome H/h in it, loved the chemistry between them. New favorite series for me.

  14. I’m reading Burn for Me right now. Lovin’ it! I go into the story as always, so I can allow your world to captivate me! I’m going back to the story now. Can’t wait to find out how Book 1 ends! Thank you for another gorgeous & most spectacular series! You’re the best!

  15. Thank you both for a fabulous new series and an Excellent first book! When can we expect the second book in the series to be published?

    Also, will you be publishing the Clean Sweep series in book format? There’s nothing better than the book between one’s hands…….

    Keep it up!


  16. So, this book was amazing!! I can’t wait for book 2! Please, don’t make me wait a whole year!!! It is like a slow horrible torture!!

  17. Addictive, fantastic and a definite Christmas gift for my friends and family who are fans. However, I have one burning question… Where’d the excerpt to HL II go? The links are circular and lead nowhere. So disappointed. = (

  18. Well, this seals the deal. I am never going back to reality as I am changing my name to Nevada Baylor and going to take a Mary Poppins leap in the Hidden Legacy world. Oh yeah, and regarding HL2 . . . GIVEME!GIVEME!GIVEMENOW!

  19. (Sigh) I try not to gobble books at one sitting but you all make it nigh on impossible! Thank you so much for wonderful entertainment you create. May you continue to find joy in your endeavors and may the words and adventure be satisfying.

  20. Wow, wow, wow you guys just blow me away, i read everything you write and I didn’t think Kate and current would every be knocked off the top spot… Nevada and mad rogan just did… When is the next one out

  21. I just finished the book !! AWESOME !! and I’m totally calling dibs on Mad Rogan :)) Thanx so much for that read !!!

  22. Once again, I’m blown away by your amazing imagination and humor! I loved the book and tried to read it as slowly as possible to make it last….can’t wait fr the next one.

  23. I loved the book and am reading it for the second time. I read too fast the first time through trying to get to the end and missed some details. I loved the first cover better, much more in line with the story. The one they published looks too much like a Harliquin story and would have turned me off if I didn’t know the authors. Thanks for another great storyline!

  24. Totally worth the money. I really loved this book. Waiting for no. 2-25 in the series…. And will only stop reading new installments if Nevada does not have at least 1 child with / by Connor Rogan….

    Those 2 have to become a couple in future books.

  25. I put off buying this new book because Kenyon commented and that with the title and picture made me think it was a book going down the downward spiral like Kenyon and Moning have gone with their writing…explicit sex with same o plot development. I quit buying their books when everything became to explicit and S&M. But I broke down and took the chance and I enjoyed your new book and well developed plotting. I loved the Edge(and miss it) and Daniels series so much and am glad to see you continue with wonderful stories like your Inn Keeper stories and now the Hidden Legacy series. I look forward to the next book of each series and will surely buy them. (:

  26. This is going to be an amazing series. I’m going to have a hard time deciding which is my new favorite. Clean Sweep or Hidden Legacy. Tough choice, but I think it’s going to be Hidden Legacy. I cannot wait for next one. I absolutely love the concept. The character Nevada reminds me a lot of Kate Daniels.
    The only thing that bothered me was a tiny design flaw-the dots used as ellipses. I wish the designer would have used ellipses, or periods with non-breaking spaces so the book didn’t end up with a dot on a line all by itself. Those made me wince a little. Please have them do your words justice when they design the next ebook.
    More Mad Rogan please.

  27. I just got done reading Burn For Me I loved it!!!! Was just wondering when the second in the Hidden Legacy Novel will be coming out???? I can’t wait I hope its not to long of a wait. This was actually the first book I have ever read by you now I going to have to find the other sires by you hope there as good as Burn For Me is, I have my fingers crossed……

  28. i admit that I put off reading this book even though it’s sat on my Kindle since its release date. The “Romantic” part of the series description had me a bit concerned. No need as it turned out. I loved it. I re-read all your books and stories and I will re-read this one as well. The excerpt leaves me inpatione for number 2. Thanks for not letting me down. So happy.

  29. I Have re-read all of your books several times. They are old friends that I have to read over and over again. I love Kate and Curran and there world, But this book was truly amazing. I loved everything about this book especially the deep family ties. I love the connection and community you create. Thank you for writing this and sharing with me.

  30. I absolutely love this book. It was really well written. I was totally able to visualize the world they live in and enjoyed the banter between the individual characters. Please let me know when the second books come out. I can’t wait!!

  31. I read the story, it seemed like I had read a shorter version of this story about 15 years ago. Did you publish some of this a long time ago?

  32. I’m listening to the book at work. Not only do I love the characters and story line, the narrator does the voices in such a way that pulls me into the story. The sarcasm from Nevada has me laughing at work. Very delightful. I can’t wait for the next book!

  33. I am now officially obsessed. I always love everything you write but since this book came out I’ve read it once and listened to the audio book twice. Thank you for writing such fantastic books.

  34. As a big fan of Kate Daniels I was excited to read your new novel. Got me. It’s gorgeous. Nevada is my new heroine. Definitely an adorable character you created with her. I can’t wait to read more.

  35. hello…just finished reading burn for me and will start rereading it…when I went on your web page I read Ilona’s most recent blog post and I fretted…so I thought I would recommend reading Squirrel Terror by Lilith Saintcrow…it really made me laugh…giggle even…so maybe if you need a good laugh to cheer you up you could try it…I personally need you happy so you can write….xo kelly

  36. Just finished Burn for Me. I can not begin to tell you how much I loved this book. From start to finish I was hooked and never wanted to see it end. I can not wait to find out what becomes of these characters! I am defiantly recommending to my friends!

  37. Just wanted to let you know… I loved Burn For Me sooooo much. Even more than the Kate Daniels books! And that’s not something I say often! Nevada is exactly my kind of heroine. She has taken the number one spot of my favourite heroines shelf!!!

    This might be too early to ask… But, any tentative month when the next Hidden Legacy book will be out??? Some info… Any info about it please???

  38. Just discovered your books late last year (2014). Have now read them all more than once. I keep them easily accessible for some quick humor and a little romance. Seriously looking forward to the next installment in Nevada’s story. Please don’t slow down writing now!!! And the storyline takes place in TEXAS, my favorite state!

  39. Burn for me was the 1st novel of yours I read. absolutely loved it.I have to read more of your novels. I cannot wait to read # 2 of the hidden legacy series. please let us know when it will be releashed. thanks again for such a wonderful and exciting story. love the characters Nevada and Mad !!!!!!!!!!

  40. I just bought and finished this last night. I apologize for my delinquency as a fan to keep up with your current works. This is your best work to date, and I really like Kate. The characters were real, the plot seems flaw free, and there is a potential for character and plot development. I loved the characters, the flow, and the story (but I really didn’t like the cover art). I hope that my impression that you two are really finding your grove is accurate, because I thoroughly enjoyed this book and am looking forward to the continuation of Nevada’s viewpoint, this universe and this story. Great job, thanks so much.

  41. Thank you so much for the hours of reading pleasure you both have brought me. I started with the Kate Daniels series back in the dark ages before I got my kindle,moved on to the On Edge series, discovered and devoured Clean Sweep and am really enjoying the installments for Sweep in Peace on your website. I really loved the new series you started with Burn for me also. I am anxiously awaiting the next installment in this series.

  42. I loved Burn for Me, especially the interplay between Nevada and Rogan. Interesting new world and flawed, but likeable, characters. I hate it when characters are just TOO perfect, you know? I’ve enjoyed everything you’ve written and look forward to the next book in the series. 🙂

  43. I found your books two weeks ago and have read everything in Kate Daniels’ world and am very impatiently waiting for August for 8. I decided to read everything else and liked the Clean sweep stuff but really love this new Prime magic storyline. I read a book a day and have since first grade (almost 40 years yikes!). It’s really hard for me to find new authors and books so I’m happy to find you. Now can I please please please beg you to write faster?!

  44. oh my – once again another complete page turner. I started this last night and just finished it about an hour ago. sigh – I’ve never really learned to put down one of your books. I’m hooked!!!!! and I have to wait until October????? at least I have the last 2 edge books to read. great adventure, developing relationships, sexual tension, magical powers – oh yeah, bring it on. great books, keep on writing.

  45. I just read on goodreads the blurb from White Hot the back cover… There is even number of pages indicated… the cover is, as you mentioned some time ago, almost/or ready as well…
    It looks as if the book 2 was already written…?
    And still no, nicht, zero snippets for us…? 🙁 awww, come on guys

    I mean, I love Kate. She’ll always be my first love but Nevada is just… Bull’s eye for me. Everything clicks in Hidden Legacy for me (and not only me…)!
    White Hot is my no.1 can’t-wait-for book of 2015.

    And yet you have no mercy on us and share nothing…. 🙁

  46. Love this book! When I bought it I was psyched because I had already read all of your Kate Daniels and The edge books. I had high expectations on this book and you blew the roof off. Can’t wait for two to be in my hands!

  47. Mad Rogan is going to have to undergo a major rebirth before I can be happy about a romance between him and Nevada. He’s such a total asswipe. The story is pretty good, but does he really have to be so bad?

  48. I just finished Burn for Me and can’t wait for the next in the series. I think Mad is a product of his genetics and upbringing, and isn’t nearly as unfeeling as he is being painted. Nevada will save him and support him just like she does with the rest of her family. How long it will take is the question.

  49. Just read Burn for Me, always been a big fan. Great work . Great new direction.
    Told my co-workers about Huracan taking out Merida… Lots of smiles … our jobs are going there. Nothing against the locals they have enough problems…
    Can you take out Orange California next???

  50. I had pre-ordered the next Hidden Legacy, White Hot, last year some time. I just received an email from Amazon that the publisher has cancelled my pre-order. No other information. Can you please tell me what is happening with the new book?

  51. Just like Ronda, I received a cancellation notice about Hidden Legacy, White Hot from Amazon.

    Will the book be published?

  52. I have just finished Hidden Legacy Burn for me and wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed reading it and can’t wait to read the next book in the trilogy. After seeing the two previous comments about pre orders being cancelled by amazon of the next book in the series I am a bit concerned I won’t get to read what happens to the wonderful characters you have created I hope it’s only a minor problem or delay.

  53. Just loved the story and the concept behind it! I wasn’t aware at the time of purchase that it was a new set, I can’t stand waiting for the story to continue, even worse it seems the next book was cancelled. I hope what ever is wrong works itself out, it would be a terrible shame for a great story with so much potential to go unfinished. Thanks for such an entertaining read, my fingers are crossed that it’s not the last.

    • The next one is not cancelled, but it’s publishing date has been pushed back. It is still being written.

      • Oh, thank you for your info. I was hoping that was the reason – More writing is GOOD. I just read Burn for Me for the 4th time. I will be patient, I will be patient, I will be patient. Again, thanks for the info.

  54. OMG just finished this and now I cannot wait for the next one. I’m also favouriting the web site so I can keep up to date on all books. This was out a whole 8 months before I found it.

  55. I read Of Swine and Roses and Grace of Small Magics and fell in love with this world. I was so excited when a friend told me about Burn For Me. It’s such a great story with action and humor (my husband thinks I’m crazy because I kept laughing out load while reading it.) I love Nevada and Rogan’s story and am looking forward to White Hot coming out. Thank you for creating this world for us to read!

  56. OMG-I am a Kate Daniels diehard fan since 2010. I have re-read all thier stores at least 3 times. Of Swine and Roses is the cutest story ever. I laughed so hard when she came in the house at dinner time with the pig. Mad Rogan and Nevada this is just caught me and I couldn’t stop reading until I finished the book. The characters were great and the author’s trademark humor just made the book a joy to read. I am waiting on Magic Rises and White Hot.

  57. I just finished BFM and I have to say, I absolutely could not put it down. I don’t find many books like that (and I read A LOT). The action was great with just enough sexual attraction to keep it interesting but not so much that that was all it was about. I really loved the characters (even the bad guys). When I was reading this book I felt like I was there, seeing what they were seeing, doing what they were doing. I love that feeling in a story. I really hope there is another in this series and I can’t wait to read it.

  58. Just finished Burn For Me. Absolutely fabulous!! I hope it won’t take too long for a second book. I am going to start your Kate Daniels series next. Thank you Alexandra Ivy for the heads up on a great new book.

  59. This book read well–you’re a great storyteller. But the hero was a complete loser. There’s going to have to be a major turnaround in the next one to explain his extremely poor behavior. Alpha males are all very well, but he was an a-hole.

  60. BFR is the first Ilona book I’ve read and I really enjoyed it. The characters are interesting and I loved Nevada. She’s kick ass and stays that way, working with Rogan as a partner in truth and not just name. I also liked that she stuck to her guns/beliefs and didn’t give in to Rogan. As for Mad Rogan, (lol, I must admit I think of the movie Willow and Mad Martigan 🙂 I like the hints of humanity we see. I don’t like the idea of him reforming/changing solely for Nevada so I hope the second book explores his point of view more and we see him tapping into his innate goodness because he wants to, not because he thinks it’ll get him the girl. The only thing that struck me as off in the novel was the mom performing CPR on the grandma after she detects a pulse. Artificial respirations yes but I wouldn’t think full CPR? Anyway I’m looking forward to Oct/Nov for the next installment and also to reading the Kate Daniels series.

  61. I just reread Burn For Me, and the included excerpt of what I guess will be called White Hot. Really hope you guys publish it soon. I can’t wait!

  62. Really enjoyed this book. Audio version was done well, too. Can’t wait for the next one. Nevada is almost as kickass as Kate. Rogan, hot phsyco love him. Disappointed by the release delay. But still eager to see what’s next.

  63. [Update by Admin: the author of the comment was trying to alleviate tension through humor. Please don’t flame her.]

    FYI Please. I am looking for informative information on the actual release date of White Hot.
    Ilona, Life is. Get a grip on the reality of your talent.
    I don’t give a tye dyed G– d— s— when it is. I just want to KNOW when it is.
    Am I disappointed, distressed, upset, or PISSED. Are you looking for a polite answer?
    I have prepaid for the book. Your new budget is workable because I have prepaid for the book. If your publishers have NOT given you your share of your fans upfront faith THAT is the only reason to raise a stink. BUT here’s the important part
    WHEN do I, me, moi, vou, me me me I, when DO I get the book. only thing that matters!

  64. I’m in love with the Kate Daniel’s series, but when I read Burn for me, I was instantly addicted! When will the next book come out in the series? It was utterly fantastic!

  65. I love all your books and would love to find out what happened to Kate Daniels after they gave up pack leadership. I, like, everyone else here, am anxiously awaiting White Hot to be completed and made available.

    Is there any way to get e-mails of updates when something new comes out?

  66. Have read all the Kate Daniels, the Edge, The Sweep and am now anxious for the next in the Hidden Legacy series. Any idea when the next book comes out? I think this series could be as good as Kate Daniels.

  67. This comment is for all the last few comments with questions about White Hot release date, as it appears they have not updated the site FAQ yet.


    I stalk the blog almost everyday, but many of you might have missed it. To summarize, book 2 is done and turned it, but was done late. Avon (the publisher) liked how well the first book did and want to really market the series so they are going to do a relaunch in 2017 with all three books coming about a month apart. So sad news is waiting for books, but good news is we will get them back to back and it should be good for the Ilona Andrews team.

  68. I love ALL your books and am collecting everything I can in one form or another, but some stories seem to vanish into the ether e.g. one of my favorites is ‘ A Mere Formality’ which I downloaded and have reread so often my pages are falling apart. Why don’t you collect up all the odd ball tales that have escaped and give us a nice big volume of undefinables.
    At last I have found out why my frustration level with White Hot is so high and if I go and drop dead before it and its mate is finally published , I will come back and haunt you with cold drips of water in the middle of the night.
    I recommend you to everyone, I am a passionate fan.

  69. You and your husband are magical. I have been a science fiction reader for over 70 years, all genres, starting with Isaac Asimov. It’s very hard to find writers of his caliber and others, such Silverberg, Clark, Zenna Henderson, Frederic Brown, Sturgeon, and more currently, Lackey, Hobb, McCaffreys, Anne and Todd, Weber Lindskold, et al., you two are right up there with them all. I have read most of your different series, Kate Daniels, The Edge, the Magic etc. series. My latest was the “Clean Sweep” series. I am had not yet had the pleasure of the Kinsmen and Hidden series, but I’m about to do that and I’m looking forward to it with a great deal of anticipatory relish. Never stop. As long as I can read, you two are on my list.

  70. I just finished re reading sweep in peace. I missed so many things. Klaus is a boss arbitrator? He is the one who hired George ! Now I need to re read all the edge books. Where does she know George from? I can’t wait to see if you continue this series. I would love it. I am really excited for White Hot too. I love the kinsmen…..crap I love all of them. And I think that Of swine and roses is my favorite short story. Psych angling ha ha auto correct ! Is coming out next and I can’t wait for that either. You must be super man and women or just juggling as fast as you can. Prodigious amount of really good material comes from you. Thank you a lot…. Muchos Gracias.

  71. I’ve been waiting for news about the next in this series; I suspect I’m going to be disappointed. Loved Burn for Me; thanks for allowing your characters to spend some time with me.

  72. I keep rereading Burn for Me. I’ve really liked your other work, but this one really sparks so much for me as both reader and writer.
    Just wanted to let you know, this story really has hooked into my brain! I hope the series does well for you.

  73. I am so disappointed that this series is not going to continue. I don’t know who said the didn’t like it but they are nuts! I’ve followed for a long time to get the next book along with a bunch of my reading buddy’s. I’m so sad to learn there will be no more.

    • Dear Gwen:

      Hope you have since learned that while delayed White Hot (the second book) is available through Amazon Pre-order. Release date given is May 30, 2017.

  74. What happened to White Hot? The last I read it had been rescheduled for 2017. Now everything relating to it has been removed.

    • White Hot is available on Amazon pre-order in mass market paperback format and is showing May 30, 2017, as the release date. Ebook edition will come out later.

  75. I’ve just finished BFM for the fifth time and enjoyed it as much as the first time.
    The waiting for White Hot due in a year will be very difficult as I am 78 years old but refuse to kick off until I finish the Hidden Legacy series. It is so refreshing to be able to read a book with proper grammar and punctuation plus a great style of writing. Thank you!

  76. WWWWwwwhhhhhhhheeeeeee! Until Amazon says otherwise, I just pre-ordered White Hot in mass market paperback. When it becomes available to order in Kindle format will order that one, too. Plus, will send gift copies to those I sent BFM. 😀

  77. Please don’t stop at 3 books! This is such a great world. I want to know more about her mom and her cousin Bern. About the Houses and the social structure. I love Neva, a strong woman with a strong sense of right. Please? I have reread this numerous times and am anxiously awaiting the next 2 installments. I don’t want it to stop there. PLEASE?

  78. I love all the books that have been written in the Kate Daniels series, The Edge Series and the Hidden Legacy Series. I have enjoyed the characters Nevada and Connor “Mad” Rogan, how they have come together in the second book and anticipating the third book. PLEASE don’t stop at three books. There are so many more books in this series that could be written. About them, the sisters, the cousins – more stories about that world of magic. I could go on and on about more stores. You and your husband have written books with very strong characters and great story lines. Please don’t finish this series off. I have love reading this series and Love the two main characters. Please email with an answer on the series. Thank you. Love your books

  79. Its too good to be only 3 books!! The potential for more is there.. and oh boy I have so many questions 🙂 Plus I just love the way you have created those characters… please plase write more and thank you for all thoe 3 fantastic books!! Great pleasure to read it!

  80. I just finished reading Burn for Me two days ago and I absolutely love it!!! I love your books!!! Kate Daniels is life 💜💜💜💜 Kick ass action with humor and romance, what’s not to love? Keep writing pls.

  81. I love the Kate Daniels series and I love the Hidden Legacy series even more. There are so much potential to expand the story lines and I hope you will continue with it!

  82. I just finished reading the Hidden Legacy series for the second time. I sincerely hope you are planning more books for the series.

  83. I couldn’t agree more with all the comments written. I sincerly hope that you will continue the Hidden Legacy Series!!!….PLEASE!!!🙏
    I read the whole Kate Daniels series & that was awesome but the Hidden Legacy series was even better!! I couldn’t help but fall in love with all the characters, especially Nevada & Connor!! …& the story lines in each book were fabulous!!! The series is such a captivating read!! There are soooo many different story lines future books can take while their hot & adventurous romance grows!! Besides, the cliff hanger we are left with in Wildfire is torture!!! Please let us know if it will continue?!?! 🙏 it would be something to look forward to!! ☘

    • Wow ; I read all three books of the Hidden Legacy in two days; the 3rd one I finished at 5am in the morning ! That shows how awesome you are at writing and telling a story ! Oh my days ! Thanks so much for your awesome gift of storytelling. The books are so good and I’ll be reading them again ! 😊😊

    • I agree!! So many different places you could go. I love that the family is immune to Catalina’s power. What happened to Zeus?Cornelius? Matilda? Sooo many characters to fall in love with and follow.

  84. Love Kate Daniels series and hidden legacy series. Nevada and Connor are great characters! Please continue to write more of both.

  85. Jus finished the trilogy but please don’t stop!! So many great characters and room for so much more. Please consider writing more on them.

  86. I have just finished (and re-read) the trilogy. It is one of my all time favourites and I do hope that you write more in the Legacy world. Nevada and Connor are such wonderful unique characters – talk about the irresistable force (Connor) meeting the imovable object (Nevada). I would love to hear more about the other Baylor family members as well as Cornelius who really deserves some HEA.

  87. Wow, just wow. I’ve been reading romance and suspense for 40+ years, and this is now one of my very favorite series. I’m having a little trouble letting it go and getting back to the real world.

    I would also love to see more books and stories in this unique world. One of my problems with paranormal suspense (and even romance) is that it can often feel cold. But your world is warm and full of intriguing, real people I want to know more about. (And I’m not sure I could get enough of how the lives of Connor and Nevada play out 🙂 )

    • I agree! In the meantime, if you want “warm paranormal”–and if you haven’t already–try anything by Jeanine Frost and also the Fever series by Karen Marie Moning. Not to advertise others’ books on this website, but they are golden. I’m just so excited to have discovered a new author I love in Ilona Andrews–and I can’t wait for Hidden Legacies Book 4!!!!!

  88. I finished all three books in three days ^_^ ! I have to say “The Hidden Legacy Series” was one hell of a ride!!! My older sister, her best friend and I are hooked to anything you write.

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