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1. How many books will be in the Hidden Legacy Series?
We are currently contracted for three, with a HEA at the end of the trilogy.

2. Will we find out more about Nevada’s father’s side of the family?
Yes, but not in BURN FOR ME. 🙂

3. Will the romance in this new series be like the slow burn of the Kate Daniels novels, where you don’t put them together until the fourth book?
It’s a slow burn, but it burns hotter than Kate and Curran. 🙂

4. How did Penelope Lose her PI license?
Penelope came back with PTSD. Not the kind that makes you imagine or relive things, but the kind that make it difficult to adjust to civilian life. She treats every fight as if it is a fight for her life. Mad Rogan demonstrated this mindset very clearly when he dealt with Peaches. If you have to fight, fight to kill.

One night, some years ago, Nevada’s aunt showed up at their house. Bern and Leon were already living with Nevada’s parents. Their mother and her new boyfriend demanded the boys. Penelope told them no. The boyfriend threatened her and tried to take the kids. She grabbed him and tried her best to break his neck. He survived and pressed charges. Because Penelope faced felony charges, she had to surrender her license. Eventually the charges rolled through the court system and were dismissed, on condition that she would undegro therapy, which she did. Her license was never reinstated. The insurance considered it risky and Penelope herself decided that it wouldn’t be the best idea to be in violent situations where her instincts might let her down.

5. Nevada claim’s her mother’s magic expressed as hand-eye coordination, making her a very proficient sniper. Which branch of magic would this ability come from? I could guess that she’s an air mage who bends the air in in front of her eyes to see farther and more clearly. Or could it be a form of telekinesis, and she guides the bullet’s path with her mind?
Nevada’s mother’s magic is Mental. She perfectly judges the distance and exercised superb control over her body. It’s a form of a mental power.

6. Is DA Lenora Jordan an elemental mage, or a summoner? Nevada states that she summoned chains out of thin air, but the entry on arcane summoning only includes the manifestation of creatures, not inanimate objects.
Lenora’s powers are arcane.

7. How would Harmonizing or Elenchus work within the magic ranking system? For instance, how would a Prime be better than an Average Harmonizer or truthseeker? The rest of the Mental magic branch seems pretty straightforward. Higher ranked mental mages can manifest their magic at higher intensities, and (I assume) for longer period of time, with the level control over their powers depending more on the individual. Likewise, the elemental and arcane branches fit neatly into the ranking system (even though no one understands where the arcane abilities really originate). But how can you better sense when someone is lying? How would two flower arrangements, one created by a Harmonizer and the other created by someone with no harmonizing talent, only experience and training, differ?
Those two types of magic are will-based. Think of it in terms of rolling the dice in a tabletop game. You open the door of a dungeon and see a scary monster. You roll a pair of dice. Anything under 6 and the monster overwhelms your will and you run away. Anything above six and you forge ahead and fight the creature. A prime always rolls a 12 but an average will never roll above a 3.

To use your example, a minor magic user and a Prime both create a flower arrangement designed to bring sadness to a person who sees it. A flower arrangement made by a minor magic user might make you mildly melancholy. Perhaps you will feel nothing at all. An arrangement made by a Prime Harmonizer will make everyone in the room openly weep. It will stay with you for days. You will dream of it and cry in your sleep.

By the same principle, every time a truthseeker hears people speak, he or she are performing a will check against that person. If their will and magic are stronger, they get a positive reading. Ab average Truthseeker may discern a lie 25-30% of the time. Prime Truthseeker is able to always tell when you are lying and will have other, broad range of powers at his or her disposal.

8. How is it possible to share some historical markers between our world and the world of the Hidden Legacy dating after the pivotal point of the appearance of Magic (Chicago fire, conflict in the east)?
It depends on which theory you subscribe to. Some people feel that all of the events are intertwined and that everything that happens is a part of a tapestry. Cut one thread and the entire tapestry could unravel. At the very least it will never be the same. Other people feel that the our reality is more like a ball of rubber strings. Pull one out, some things might shift, but the ball will largely be the same. There are simply too many factors acting on each other for any one thing to make a significant difference and if an event doesn’t occur, the underlining forces “snap” the reality back in place like rubber bands.

Let’s say someone prevents the death of Arch Duke Ferdinand. In the first case, WWI doesn’t happen. In the second case, some other political person is killed or perhaps a different act of terrorism takes place and the war still happens. Perhaps not on the same date, but it still does.

The appearance of the serum definitely had an impact. there are key differences between Nevada’s world and ours. For example, significant increase in political power of the Latin American nations. But some events still happened as they would’ve happened in our world

9. How come Magic in the Baylor family appears in so many forms?
You’ll just have to read and find out. I can tell you that Penelope shares magic with her father. Grandma Frida’s husband was a sharpshooter. Penelope’s sister also has the sniper magic, but a different variation of it. Grandma Frida’s talent skipped a generation and returned in Bernard and Leon. Their computer magic is a variant of Grandma Frida’s bond with all things mechanical.


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